Il Fonte Adamantino
(1996, revised 2002)

: string quartet and vocal ensemble

Adagio con gravita

Studio recording (mp3)...

Apeiron String Quartet
Marcin Król, violin
Ewa Trębacz, violin
Michał Woźniak, viola
Michał Kiska, cello

Vocal Ensemble
Anna Niedźwiedź
Weronika Piasecka
Maria Sadowska
Joanna Wójtowicz
Iwona Wojtycza

Recording and mastering Michał Woźniak

Il Fonte Adamantino was inspired by vocal improvisations I heard in 1996 at Olga Szwajgier's experimental vocal school Voice Laboratory in Kraków, Poland. It is a somehow postmodern landscape, enclosed in the frames of a classical 4-movement form.

The strict formal construction of the string quartet form is counterbalanced by two vocal improvisations in the first and the last movements of the piece. The improvised section in the first movement resembles a quasi-meditation and co-exists harmoniously with the instrumental part. A similar improvisation in the last movement of the piece has a completely different character: the first entrance of the vocal ensemble appears as a sudden explosion of a pure emotion, after which it gradually turns into a lamentation.

One of the most significant elements of the architecture of Il Fonte Adamantino is space - both in a physical and metaphorical sense. A string quartet performs on stage, while a vocal ensemble should be located either on a gallery above the stage or at least on the opposite side of a concert hall. Both ensembles share and shape the metaphorical space of the piece as a harmonious co-existence of contradictions.