(2015, revised 2017)

: violin-horn duo with computer-realized surround sound




  • August 3, 2017
    Wayward Music Series
    Chapel Performance Space
    at the Good Shepherd Center
    in Seattle

  • April 17, 2016
    NW Horn Symposium 2016
    Central Washington University Ellensburg, WA

  • May 7, 2015
    Machinations Musical,
    Divers and Sundry,

    Wayward Music Series
    Chapel Performance Space
    at the Good Shepherd Center
    in Seattle

  • March 12, 2015
    Floyd and Delores Jones Playhouse, University of Washington, Seattle


    Josiah Boothby, French horn
    Ewa Trębacz, violin / electronics

    An early version of this piece was commissioned by the University of Washington School of Drama in 2015, to be performed after a play as a kind of a postlude. With each concert performance, the piece slowly drifted away from its theatrical origin. To reflect that process, a new title - Iriviskia - has been added. "Iriviskia" is a computer-generated word and it doesn't have any specific meaning. The fixed-media layer was thoroughly revised and re-mastered in 2017, and this is now the recommended version.

    The live performance component is based on improvisation and on a very close interaction between the musicians. Through their interactions they should become one integrated sound source, a single musical instrument responding to the pre-recorded soundscapes and to the acoustic space around them.

    The fixed-media part serves as a "score", the musicians should improvise, creating a direct dialog with the pre-composed soundscape. Live processing is optional - the use of any live processing should be decided based on the acoustic conditions of the concert hall.

    For the full resolution versions of the electronic layer, please go to Downloads...