ANC'L'SUNR" [remix]

: 3D sound



Stereo UHJ mix was realized by Ewa Trębacz with the use of the Ambisonic Toolkit software package developed by Joseph Anderson, Joshua Parmenter and Juan Pampin with the support of DXARTS, University of Washington.

Multichannel audio files (hex, quad and B-format) can be downloaded from here.

This is a fixed-media version of my piece ANC'L'SUNR, to be performed as a stand-alone multichannel "tape" piece, without the live performance component.

It combines the original electronic layer of ANC'L'SUNR with several recordings of the orchestra from the rehearsals as well as the recording of the premiere.

The result is a new soundscape, a new iteration, new embodiment of that original idea. It is independent enough from its "seed" that it can be presented as a separate entity.