: animated film
dir. Robert Sowa


Festivals and screenings...

medium: film 35 mm, color
technique: mixed media, stop motion, painting, photography
film format 1: 1.66
sound format: Dolby SR

Robert Sowa, Adam Wyrwas

Marcin Koszałka

Music and sound
Ewa Trębacz

Anna Wagner

Stowarzyszenie Twórców Filmu Animowanego Eksperymentalnego i Video Studio A

Sekwens is Robert Sowa's Ph.D. dissertation project at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Poland.

Festivals and screenings...


The main character imagines the presence of someone close and beloved who has left. Those memories are so tense that for a short moment they become physically real, which is presented through gestures, light movement and transformations of objects.

Robert Sowa

Robert Sowa (b.1972, Poland) is a director of animated films and a graphics artist. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Graphics Department, in 1999, specializing in animated film. Currently he works as an instructor and associate of professor Jerzy Kucia at the Studio of Animated Films, Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków. Robert's works have been presented in Poland and internationally (among others at Centre Pompidou, Paris, Museum of Modern Arts, New York), his earlier films The Barber and Interior Portrait have been screened at numerous film festivals. Robert actively participates in organizing screenings, festivals and workshops of experimental film and video (yearly International Animated Film Workshops in Kraków, 2003 - Perspectives of Animated Films, Dresden, Prague, Kraków, during the International Film Festival FILMFEST, Dresden and many others).