: string orchestra



June 17, 2000
12th Annual Festival
"Days of Music of the Cracow Composers"
Church of the Missionaries, Kraków, Poland

Tarnów Chamber Orchestra
Tomasz Tokarczyk, conductor

Tomasz Tokarczyk


Aletheia is the first piece I wrote after graduating with a Composition degree from the Kraków Academy of Music. It was written just before I left my home town of Kraków, Poland to move to the United States. During that time I was drawn to the philosophy of Martin Heidegger, and that fascination inspired the title of this piece.

The year 2000 was a very meaningful time for me, marking the beginning of my artistic independence. This independence can be understood as not being dependent on any institution or center. But can also be understood as not belonging to any institution, which almost automatically made me an outsider in my own country at that time, and accelerated my decision to immigrate to the United States.

Today, over a decade later, I view this piece almost as film music; a soundtrack to a movie that has never been made. The musical language and artistic means are simplified drastically when compared to music I was writing during my composition studies. Yet what may seem as a step backwards became the first step in the quest for my own individual artistic path.

Tomasz Tokarczyk graduated in conducting and violin performance from the Academy of Music in Cracow and later worked as a conductor for the Tarnów Chamber Orchestra and music director and conductor for the Szczecin Opera. He has appeared with the symphony orchestras of most Polish philharmonic institutions, as well as the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Grand Theatres in Poznań and in Łódź. He has been associated with the Cracow Opera since 2004, first as orchestra director and conductor, then since 2008 as the Opera's music director.